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How Cloudline finally perfected its brand identity - and at the same time - reduced its agency spend by 40%

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Like many tech success stories, Cloudline started out with an entrepreneurial spirit and a great idea. That idea: an application that lets customers queue up for bars and nightclubs without actually queueing up. The app was a raving success, and soon, Cloudline's founder, Charles, started developing new use cases and entering new markets.

Just seven years after its initial launch, Cloudline has now evolved into an all-in-one digital guest and attraction management solution and is used across several industries, including: Leisure and Amusement Parks; Golf Clubs and Driving Ranges; Entertainment Venues; Restaurants, and Sports Stadiums.

Before Yito: investing in creative and web design that didn't quite deliver

Cloudline was growing quickly, so Charles spent a lot of time in sales meetings. Although he enjoyed having plenty of leads, he noticed that—despite having a website and active social channels—he'd often have to clarify Cloudline's value proposition to new prospects. Inevitably, this added time to the sales cycle, and Charles chalked it up to the fact that Cloudline's digital presence and brand identity didn't quite tell the story they needed to tell.

"We were spending a fair amount with an agency," Charles explained. We chose them because they had a great portfolio and track record. But while the work they did for us was technically good, it lacked that little bit of magic all strong brands have. I felt they didn't quite 'get' what our brand needed to communicate…or the technology industry in general."

Charles also experienced challenges getting the resources needed to keep marketing ticking along.

"We were relying on internal developers to manage the website. They work extremely hard to deliver best-in-class UX in our solution, but you wouldn't have known that from visiting our site. They didn't have the time to achieve the same standards on the site as inside the platform, so we really weren't demonstrating our credibility well at all."

Working with Yito, the subscription-based design and development agency

Aware that Cloudline needed to work on creating a web and brand experience that offers tangible proof of its brand promises, Charles went looking for a new agency partner.

"I knew some of the Yito founders and had followed their work when they were at a large global agency. So, when I saw they had set up their own studio, I was excited to partner with them."

At the time of writing, Cloudline has been working with Yito for a year. Charles explained the progress they've made together during that time.

"With their support, we've achieved a lot in just a year. They've significantly improved our website and messaging, driven our campaign and content execution, and created everything we needed for our GTM motion when we entered a new industry."

Cloudline work

The benefits of working with Yito: great value, amazing scale, and reduced spend

With Yito powering its design and development operations, Cloudline was able to refine its brand identity, scale its marketing operations, and reduce its marketing investment.

Less spend, more creative output

Working with Yito gives Cloudline access to an entire team of experienced designers, developers, and writers for a predictable monthly fee equivalent to around a month's salary for a creative professional.

"Because of the subscription-based model, we can have multiple pieces of work produced each month for a single, predictable fee - no matter how many skills are involved in creating that output. It really is great value and lets us do more for less with our budget." Charles continued, "We've reduced our spend by 40% compared to when we worked with a traditional agency, yet we're using more channels and producing more content and creative output."

Big agency experience without the big agency price tag

With Yito taking care of Cloudline's brand, website, and digital presence, Charles finally feels like the business is telling the story it needs to tell.

"Now, we're not just storytelling, we're story-doing too, because our website gives visitors the same level of UX as our product. Additionally, our message is far clearer across web, content, and social. Thanks to Yito's work, our social engagement is up, and prospects have a better grasp of our UPV after visiting our site. Consequently, our sales cycle has become shorter."

Charles added, "We're getting the quality of output I'd expect from a big global agency, but for a more accessible cost."

Delivering scalability to enter new industries

When Charles spotted a new opportunity to move into the Sporting Stadium space, he wanted to act fast. With a tight deadline to meet, the team at Yito pulled out all the stops to create everything Cloudline needed to go to market.

"We recently spotted an opportunity to enter a new market - Sporting Stadiums - and the team at Yito very quickly created everything we needed for our GTM motion. They turn most briefs around in 2 -3 days, which lets us be far more agile when we need to be."

For Cloudline, this is a real competitive advantage. "We've now got capabilities to do things we couldn't have imagined achieving on our own.

Why Yito: Cloudline says the subscription-based model and big agency experience makes Yito an easy choice

"Yito has revolutionised our digital strategy, dramatically improving our website and social media engagement, with fast turnarounds and high-quality content," said Charles. "This partnership not only enhanced our sales cycle efficiency but also expanded our access to a broader range of marketing channels and gives us capabilities we couldn't have imagined achieving on our own."

We love helping teams like Cloudline's save money, produce better marketing outputs, and eliminate headaches. If you want more bang for your marketing buck, to ship better creative, and get access to supportive team who'll help you scale when you need to, get in touch and lets chat about how we can make it happen for you.

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